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We provide integrated solutions for precision release at scale


We have the technology, expertise, experience and partnerships to release the most fragile of cargo in 30+ countries.

Our systems release beneficial insects for public health, environmental protection and pest control. They are also used to release seeds for agriculture and reforestation.

Our technology has been successfully deployed to release disease-reducing mosquitoes and friendly beetles with greater precision, speed and efficiency than ever before.

Our release systems are specifically optimized to work with a range of delivery platforms including drones, motorbikes, cars and backpacks.

What We Offer


Local Deployment

We have a formal partnership with Flying Labs in 30+ countries across Africa, Asia, Latin American and beyond. These labs are run by local drone experts with considerable experience. They deploy our release systems in their countries and regions on behalf of clients and train other local experts to provide ongoing services. Release Labs also provides direct, hands-on training on the integrated use of drones to partners who seek to deploy the system using drones. In addition, we facilitate the acquisition of relevant drone solutions for precision release, and we also secure regulatory permissions for drone flights.


Release Hardware

We optimize our release systems to meet the specific cargo needs of our clients. Our devices are fully autonomous and automatically count and release granular materials at scale with great precision. Release materials can include insects, seeds and more. The released cargo is handled with utmost care including soft mechanical treatment or temperature and humidity control as required. Our successful work on mosquito release proves that we have the technology, expertise and experience to release even the most fragile cargo. Currently, our release systems have been integrated with two very different models of autonomous drones.


Automation Software

We develop the end-to-end software solution that enables precision release at scale. This includes mission-planning and live-monitoring software for autonomous GPS-based release-missions, as well as cloud-based data recapture for post-processing and analytics. The software is optimized for drones and other transportation solutions as needed.

Release in action



We have deployed our release technology in Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Brazil, United States and the South Pacific. In addition, we have already successfully integrated our technology in fully operational public-health efforts.


  • 300 ha treated in Fiji and Brazil
  • 100+ operational drone flights
  • 2 million mosquitoes released
  • 1000 households protected from vector-borne diseases


  • 30 ha treated in the US (New Mexico)
  • 30+ operational drone flights
  • 240 thousand ladybugs released
  • 1500 pecan trees protected from losses due to aphids


  • 2 ha covered in Switzerland
  • 10+ early testing drone flights
  • 600 test seedballs released

Team & Partners


We’ve been working on smart release technology with WeRobotics and Flying Labs since 2016. Our exclusive partner on mosquito release is the World Mosquito Program. Our principal partner for seed release is β-Earth and our lead partner for beetle release is the New Mexico State University. Our expertise also builds on extensive technical and operational experience in cargo drone delivery including projects, which we have led for Pfizer, BD, WHO, CDC and others in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and remote regions of Nepal, Dominican Republic, Ghana and Madagascar, for example.


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